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Update 7/28/06: Ellen Feiss Goes Hollywood! Well, not Hollywood but she's in a movie. That counts for something. It's called Bed & Breakfast and it's an independent French film coming soon to an art house near you. Filmed in 2005, Ellen took the role in exchange for an internship. You can hear all about it in her latest interview at the Flux! (MP3 link)


Ah, Ellen Feiss. The hullabaloo has faded away and we learned so little about her. By her own admission Apple asked her to step out of the spotlight and let things die down. Many of us feel she was far too eager to comply, but then all that attention was a little bizarre, no? And considering she was only 14 when this all occurred, who could blame her parents for wanting to keep their kid out of such a crazy media frenzy?

The "Cult of Ellen Feiss" was a funny thing. It was the Summer of 2002 and suddenly Ellen was all over the net. Mac guys loved her. PC guys loved to mock her. Everyone had an opinion about her. Many of us found the Apple switch ad featuring Ellen cute, but those cursed allergies gave her a somewhat stoned aura. At least that's how many people wanted to take it. Man, did they want that girl to be stoned! She was like the stoner's poster child on blogs and forums all over the net. Talk about a tempest in a teapot. I had a hard time believing that Apple would film a stoned kid and plaster her face all over America, no matter what Steve Jobs did during the 60's. But if it hadn't been for her bleary eyes it is hard to believe there would have been as much interest in her. She was the feminine counterpart to Dell's "Stephen". However, the straight dope turned out to be much more mundane: Ellen was under the influence of allergy medication.

Interest in Ellen rose to a fever pitch in the Fall when schools across America resumed classes. Most Ellen Feiss web pages focused on drug humor, but some of the attention was downright creepy. One site bordered on stalking as it posted school yearbook pix of the poor girl, as well as spy shots from within one of her classes. With attention like that, who needed fame? What was next? The secret Ellen Feiss Driveway Cam™? School tours to her locker? Dumpster divers collecting her really good papers and posting them on the web? Fortunately, nothing ever seemed to come of it. As with all fame interest in Ellen waned as time passed, but not before spawning some hilarious homages. Our favorite was the Ellen Feiss Look-a-like Contest in Europe. Pretty demented, but even Ellen had a good sense of humor about it. Another favorite was the Ellen Feiss Jack O' Lantern. As well as the Mona Switcher from the year 2525.

My girls liked the ad, too. "That's how we talk, Daddy..." Like, whatever! And why not? Ellen was only fourteen years old when she shot the ad. Why wouldn't she sound like a High Schooler? Like, duh! So we thought it would be fun to make a Mac fan site that focuses on the cute aspects of Ellen's ad. We've grabbed these soundbytes from her quicktime movie to use as error sounds. They bring a smile to our faces when we hear them. Perhaps you'll enjoy them too. We've also added an unaired Ellen Feiss commercial that seems to be promoting powerbooks. For Ellen fans, it's a treasure because we get to see more of her personality (Thank heavens she doesn't have to watch airplane movies anymore!), but as far as commercials go I can see why it landed on the cutting room floor. We also have some international entertainment for you featuring the switch ad of the Ellen Feiss of Japan - Miss Momoko Kikuchi. You'll find that below as well.

Thanks to As the Apple Turns for the inspiration (and the link back to my site!). If you must swipe my files for your own site, at least have the courtesy to use the following link and give me credit: Ellen Feiss Soundbytes. Sheesh!

Speaking of links, we could use your help to get better placement on Google. Spread the word and please post our link, Ellen Feiss Soundbytes, all over the place so we rank higher than anti-Mac blogs. Thanks!

Oh, and for the record, it's beep beep bip blip bleep bleep bleep bleep.


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