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I treat fractal images as a photographer would treat a landscape, incorporating design and color composition into each piece. I call the process "Fractography". However, the process of my art differs from photography in that I can alter the subject matter. I utilize happy accidents when I gamble with the intial images and parameters. Complex fractals require an investment in time and patience while they render since all gambles do not pay off. This gambling with chance makes fractography an art process more akin to watercolor painting and just as exciting for me. It is a process of discovery that uses layers of data like glazing and double glazing on canvas. As I tweak parameters and alter palettes I am betting that the resultant image is an improvement over the previous one. I do not stop until I love the results.

Most images were created on a PC with Fractal eXtreme and, most recently, Ultra Fractal. Earlier fractal art was created on an Amiga2500 with FractalPro, Lyapunovia, and Mand2000. I have not yet found a fractal exploration program on the Mac that I love as much as these PC programs, though I continue to search.

I am in debt to the creators of these art programs. It is a loan I repay by creating beauty out of chaos and math. I love exploring art in this way. In fact, I have loved exploring fractals for over ten years now. For those interested in experimenting with fractography on their own, these art programs are available for the PC in demo form as free downloads at their respective sites.







Benoit B. Mandelbrot has created a wonderful world of fractal beauty where Julia Sets, Mandelbrots, and Fractals are explored with software like Fractal eXtreme, Ultra Fractal and Fractal Domains.

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What are fractals? Here are some fractal related books available at

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